robosuite.models.objects.composite_body package#


robosuite.models.objects.composite_body.hinged_box module#

class robosuite.models.objects.composite_body.hinged_box.HingedBoxObject(name, box1_size=(0.025, 0.025, 0.025), box2_size=(0.025, 0.025, 0.0125), use_texture=True)#

Bases: robosuite.models.objects.generated_objects.CompositeBodyObject

An example object that demonstrates the CompositeBodyObject functionality. This object consists of two cube bodies joined together by a hinge joint.

  • name (str) – Name of this object

  • box1_size (3-array) – (L, W, H) half-sizes for the first box

  • box2_size (3-array) – (L, W, H) half-sizes for the second box

  • use_texture (bool) – set True if using wood textures for the blocks

Module contents#