The Arena class serves as a base model for building the simulation environment. By default, this includes a ground plane and visual walls, and child classes extend this to additionally include other objects, e.g., a table or bins.

Base Arena#

class robosuite.models.arenas.arena.Arena(fname)#

Base arena class.


Applies a constant offset to all objects.


offset (3-tuple) – (x,y,z) offset to apply to all nodes in this XML

set_camera(camera_name, pos, quat, camera_attribs=None)#

Sets a camera with @camera_name. If the camera already exists, then this overwrites its pos and quat values.

  • camera_name (str) – Camera name to search for / create

  • pos (3-array) – (x,y,z) coordinates of camera in world frame

  • quat (4-array) – (w,x,y,z) quaternion of camera in world frame

  • camera_attribs (dict) – If specified, should be additional keyword-mapped attributes for this camera. See for exact attribute specifications.